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Online programs are consuming the market. For-profit colleges are getting cheaper. People want colleges that are adaptable and offer something that students really want. Now is the time to make significant changes to your approach in order to thrive (and survive) amidst the rapidly changing higher education landscape. And if you think you’ve already mastered this, think again.

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Adult Learners vs.
Traditional Students

Today’s students are diverse in their needs in terms of where they are and where they want to go. If you want to succeed in enrollment marketing, you have to start by putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

Empathize with the fact that returning to school as an adult learner can be terrifying: how will they possibly afford courses while balancing everything else on their plate? Recognize the needs and wants of a traditional student, too: the ones who demand inclusivity and personalization, and who only have junior and senior year to choose which college is right for them. When you understand the mindsets and micro-moments, you have the opportunity to effectively market to each type of prospective student you wish to enroll.

Micro Moments =
Macro Impacts

Student Journey

Understanding and empathizing with the prospective student’s journey is half the battle. As a college, you must be able to surgically and effectively market your programs at the micro-moment level along their prospective student journey in order to land on their short-list. Believe it or not, something as minor as conversion rate improvements could change the entire trajectory of your enrollment situation.

Adult Learner

Adult Learner

Traditional Student

Traditional Student

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